Category One Inter-oral SOT Cranial Images with Animations
Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2002 or later with motion images: Minimum System Requirements- 500 MB RAM, USB Port, PC: Any Pentium 166 or greater, Windows 98, ME, XP, or Vista. Also compatible on Mac Operating System with Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac. This item is sold on a USB mass-memory chip, not a CD.

** Now available for Keynote program on Mac. Please select "Keynote Version" from the Program Choice options menu when ordering. Keynote version includes extra images for facial diagnosis not available on PowerPoint version. **

  • Category One Cranial protocols for Frontal, Temporal and Occipital lesions.
  • Each slide contains a simple text to enhance your understanding of the Category One SOT cranial procedures.
  • Colorful images & motion graphics guide you as you utilize the enclose slide shows to teach yourself or others.
  • Each slide contains a reference to Dr. DeJarnette's original text or the S.O.R.S.I. Participants Guide

Category One Inter-oral SOT Cranial Images with Animations

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