Cranial Motion Vol. 4: Cranial Pulmonary Biomechanics
CD containing 6 AVI animation files.

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This volume demonstrates pulmonary and cranial reciprocating motions from the left inferior oblique perspective. Portions of the cranial vault have been prosected to expose key facial and spheno-basilar structures. The animations take you from the external osseous surface of the bone to osseous transparency views which reveal the brain and membraneous dural system.

Special Feature of this volume: A close-up perspective of the ethmoid vomer and sphenoid articular junctions during respiratory movement.

Contains Six Inferior-Posterior-Lateral Skull Animations:
   1. Four Respiratory Animations
      a. Ossseous Motion
      b. Meningeal-ossseous
      c. Transparent osseous-meningeal
      d. Close-up Vomer-ethmoid
   2. Two CRI Animations
      a. Transparent osseous-meningeal
      b. Transparent Meningeal Brain

Please Note: Animations on this CD demonstrate one cycle of respiration and are intended to be downloaded onto your computer and inserted into PowerPoint or KeyNote presentations to be looped for continuous playback. The animations do not contain any audio, and their purpose is to be used as a visual aid for teaching and demonstration within your practice.

Cranial Motion Vol. 4: Cranial Pulmonary Biomechanics

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