Pick's Duo Deluxe Reversible Frame Hemifield Sedative Glasses

One of the effects that brain output produces is regulatory control over the motor cells of the spinal cord. In many cases, this control mechanism often becomes compromised by the imbalance of output between two hemispheres. The Reversible Hemifield Sedative glasses are designed with dual-colored lenses dividing the visual field into red and blue. When glasses are worn with the blue lens panel on the patient’s right, the frequency of visual stimulation to the left brain is reduced but the sedation is not as great as the red filter’s modulation over to the right brain.

  • The lenses of the Deluxe Duo Hemifield to ventral/dorsal visual stream Sedative Glasses are enveloped in a silicone ring secured within a reversible frame for easy transitions between right to left hemisphere and ventral to dorsal visual stream sedation.
  • Made of the highest quality non-prescription lenses, each lens has been colored with a special molecular fusion dying process to ensure against fading or smearing.
  • The lenses are divided into a half red-half blue filter and maybe positioned to specifically modulate cortical and subcortical targets within the brain.

Caution: It should be noted that Hemifield to ventral/dorsal visual stream glasses sedately modulate stimuli into the brain and through the mesencephalic regions of the brainstem. It is also theorized that inhibitory activation may generate cellular genetic expression and is usually better tolerated in compromised conditions because there is less provability for exceeding the subject’s metabolic capacity. However, even though it seems less likely that the effects of the glasses may generate negative outcomes by its use, it is not advisable to use the glasses without proper supervision through a licensed health care practitioner.

For the instructions on proper use click here.

Pick's Duo Deluxe Reversible Frame Hemifield Sedative Glasses

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